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Friends Through Books is a non-profit organization which exists solely to aide students on the southern Caribbean islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, part of the nation of Grenada, by providing reading books, educational materials and special needs assistance to promote literacy and education.

  • Developed by Graham and Kyle Ashby in 2009
  • Our goal is to improve the lives of students on these islands while providing them with educational materials, reading books and opportunities to enhance their learning and improve their literacy rate.
  • In the process we hope to develop longstanding penpal friendships between the students on the islands and those in the US who generously donate their books.
  • Please Join Us!

“The ability to visit exotic places, learn interesting facts and enter a world of fantasy just by turning the pages of a book is a privilege no child should be deprived of.”...Graham and Kyle Ashby

“A student cannot go anywhere in life until they are able to rise up and break the social boundaries that tie them down. Graham and Kyle have worked tirelessly to provide students with that first step in breaking those boundaries….education”. A quote by Mrs. Gertrude Simon-Niles, area Education Officer of Carriacou, speaking to Carriacou students at a book donation 2011.


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