During the 2009 holiday season, The Ashby Windward Foundation held a Christmas party for the children of the Bel Air Children’s Home, an orphanage on the island of Grenada. This facility is home to about 30 children who come from environments of abuse and neglect, and also serves as a home for several disabled children as well.

Although we were thousands of miles away from Grenada in Boise, Idaho, we wanted to help the children in any way we could. We contacted friends and family members to donate clothing, shoes and toys to send to the children to make their Christmas a bit brighter. In December 2009 we shipped four large boxes of donated items to the children. These gifts were delivered to the children on December 18, 2009 by Ms. Corine Milne and Mr. Christofer Ashby of The Ashby Windward Foundation.





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