Carriacou Public Library Donation

In June 2011 Kyle and Graham met with students and teachers from several Carriacou primary schools at the Carriacou Public Library. Among those schools in attendance were Dover, Mt. Pleasant, Hillsborough Primary, L’Esterre Rosary Roman Catholic School and Harvey Vale Primary School. Mrs. Gertrude Niles, area Education Officer, spoke to the students and thanked Graham and Kyle for their efforts. “As educators we know that a student cannot go anywhere in life until they are able to rise up and break the social boundaries that tie them down. These two girls, Graham and Kyle, have worked tirelessly to provide you with that first step in breaking those boundaries….education”. She also commented on the selfless giving of Graham and Kyle with all of their efforts to provide books to the students on the island. The girls donated over 500 books to the library at this visit. In addition the girls were instrumental in supplying free library cards to all of the students who attended. Each student also took home a reading book to promote reading and the use of the library.




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