YWAITE College Scholarships

Our newest project is called YWAITE, Young Women Achieving Independence Through Education. The unemployment rate in Grenada is over 40%, so many young women who graduate from high school are left with very few options for employment. The cost of one year of college is $250 US which is unobtainable for most students. In partnership with The Ashby Windward Foundation, we are offering educational scholarships to the 2 year junior college, the TA Marryshow College. Areas of study are in either Business Management or Agricultural Studies. To date we have funded 9 young women through a 2 years college education.  By educating young women we not only give them the knowledge to go further in the workforce, but more importantly, we give them the biggest gift of all, self-esteem.

YWAITE - brochure page 1

YWAITE brochure pg. 1

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