L’Esterre Rosary Roman Catholic School - August 2009
Harvey Vale Government Primary School - August 2010
Petite Martinique Roman Catholic Primary School - August 2010
Hillsborough Government Primary School - August 2010
Morne Jaloux Roman Catholic Primary School - March 2012
Wooburn Roman Catholic Infant and Pre-Primary School - March 2012

Harvey Vale Government Primary School - August 2010

On August 3, 2010, we had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Thieria Mills, Vice Principal of the Harvey Vale Government Primary School. In addition we met with many students from several grades who attend the school. Our donation of books included several hundred books from many reading levels covering all aspects of literature. The students immediately picked up the books and started reading. We remember one particular little girl who picked up a book on rabbits and squealed with glee. Since there are no rabbits on the island, she has only heard about them. The excitement she showed when she read that book will forever be engrained in our memories.





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